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AnyReader is great for copying files from a scratched CD/DVD/BD or defective floppy/hard disk. Normally, when the operating system is unable to fully copy a file from a damaged disk, it will abort and delete the part of the file it has copied. With AnyReader, the job is done anyway.

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Absolutely great product. Works perfect, (unlike many others of its kind). I formatted my xd card with the computer in FAT32, instead of doing it with the camera, and started taking pictures at the Christmas dinner. The camera would record jpegs and they were visible on camera's LCD, but the PC did not detect anything recorded on the memory card. After downloading the whole bunch of file-restoring software I realized it all leaves much to be desired, until I tried your product out. Simple and reliable little program that was able to install everything from the xd card at once (despite of the fact I formatted it completely). Thank you programmers and developers for saving my valuable Christmas memories!:)