Manuals & Interface Files

Our products come with detailed help files in the standard Windows help format; however, we also provide manuals in PDF and DOC format, which you may find easier to read or print. The following manuals are currently available:

ObjectRescue File Recovery Guide (820 Kb)

ObjectRescue File Recovery Guide (834 Kb)

Clicking on these download links normally makes your browser open the file using the PDF or DOC (MS-Word) plugin. If you want to save the file rather than open it, right-click on the hyperlink and select "Save Target As ..." if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, or hold "Shift" when clicking on the hyperlink, if you are using Netscape Navigator.

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® ReaderTM to read or print PDF files and Microsoft® Word® for DOC files. If you don't have Adobe® Acrobat®, you can get it here for free:

You can also browse the online manuals in HTML format:

PhotoRescue Pro
MediaRescue Pro
DocumentsRescue Pro
ObjectRescue Pro
FileRescue Professional


User Interface Files

Use our software with interface on your native language! Virtually all our software products have multilingual GUI (see below the list of supported languages). If a language is missing from your copy of the program, please download and install the latest version.

We welcome speakers of German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese and other major languages who want to translate our products' manuals and interfaces (or update old translations) for free license(s).

ObjectRescue Products Family

ObjectRescue Pro, PhotoRescue Pro, MediaRescue Pro, DocumentsRescue Pro, Easy Photo Recovery

English  English


English  EnglishArabic  ArabicBulgarian  Bulgarian
Byelorussian  ByelorussianChineseSimplified  ChinesesimplifiedChineseTraditional  Chinesetraditional
Czech  CzechDanish  DanishDutch  Dutch
French  FrenchGerman  GermanGreek  Greek
Indonesian  IndonesianItalian  ItalianKorean  Korean
Polish  PolishRussian  RussianSerbian  Serbian
Spanish  SpanishUkrainian  Ukrainian


English  English

Object Fix ZIP

English  EnglishArabic  ArabicCroatian  Croatian
French  FrenchGerman  GermanItalian  Italian
Russian  RussianSpanish  Spanish


English  English

FileRescue Products Family

FileRescue NTFS, FileRescue FAT, FileRescue Pro

English  EnglishArabic  ArabicCatalan  Catalan
ChineseTraditional  ChinesetraditionalDutch  DutchGerman  German
Greek  GreekHungarian  HungarianItalian  Italian
Japanese  JapanesePolish  PolishRussian  Russian


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