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What users are saying

Brilliant - thank you for this great utility. I thought I had lost a huge amount of research data that had become locked into a corrupt zip file, but Object Fix Zip recovered it for me in seconds. Best thing is that it is free - fantastic :-)

Tina, USA.

About Object Fix Zip

I couldn't correctly read a movie file (683Mb) from a CD but with your brilliant, self explaining and therefore easy to use software I managed to copy everything on my HD within minutes! Anyreader: a must have software!
Giacomo, Italy.

About AnyReader

I accidentally reformatted my CF card in my new Nikon digital camera at the end of a trip to Trinidad and Guyana. Even though everyone told me I was out of luck, Rescue Pro was able to recover all but about 25 out of 550 pictures. I now have several large blow ups of some of the images from those recovered images on the wall in my office.
Otto Peter, Germany. About MediaRescue Pro

Thanks for this. It has helped me to clear what was obviously a lot of unwanted copies of things taking up space. It is with genuine pleasure that i commend you for such a superb product. It is far superior to any others i have tried, particularly its speed and additional features. Without any doubt, i will recommend it to others as a purchase item. Full credit!
Paul Cooper, Australia. About Duplicate File Remover

This is is the first time I've written a testimonial. After month's of agonizing over a zipped archive file that held three years of my life, I discovered your program, and darn! it worked. Thanks, and when I have a few extra bucks, I'll send it your way; I wish I could do it right now, this minute.
Talat Nat, Thailand. About Object Fix Zip

I have approximately 12000 mp3 and avi files and many are duplicates. This program sorts them quickly and correctly. Thank you so much!!!
Garret Jordan, Canada. About Duplicate File Remover

What a product! My computer crashed and i lost all. Its my 1st computer. I had no idea how, or if i could restore anything! This product gave me that ability to find my lost items.
Dennis, Canada. About FileRescue

Absolutely great product. Works perfect, (unlike many others of its kind). I formatted my xd card with the computer in FAT32, instead of doing it with the camera, and started taking pictures at the Christmas dinner. The camera would record jpegs and they were visible on camera's LCD, but the PC did not detect anything recorded on the memory card. After downloading the whole bunch of file-restoring software I realized it all leaves much to be desired, until I tried your product out. Simple and reliable little program that was able to install everything from the xd card at once (despite of the fact I formatted it completely). Thank you programmers and developers for saving my valuable Christmas memories!:)
Gene, USA. About ObjectRescue Pro

I have never imagined such a great program could exist! I mean it! Thank you so much! I recovered ALL the pictures from my birthday party which I thought are lost FOREVER (only because I decided to move my Memory stick from my digital photo to my phone without turning off the phone!!!). And the most amazing thing is that I have made many pictures since then...it's a miracle! Thank you very much!
Emil Nikolov, USA. About FileRescue

I should say thank you for your help. I'm doing a language research during these days. I've recorded much language resource.But unluckily I lost them all by an accident. I used the tool and saved them all! I must say thank you! Good luck to everybody who designed the tool!
Steve Frent, Australia. About MediaRescue Pro

This Program is brilliant, wanted to copy a sage backup file from the floppy, tried and tried but data was crupted, used this softwate and manage to copy and run successfully. Thanks!
Attique, UK. About AnyReader

I have used many different kinds of data recovery software in the last 5 years. Yours by far has been the best. Easy to use, and most important, it works!!! Keep up the great work!
Mark Heffernan, Canada. About MediaRescue Pro

I can't believe it. This program save my life. I lost all my work information. 3 years to work was lost it and this wonderfull machine save more than 8000 files. Thanks & continue with this amazing cause. Thanks again.
Gabriela Maldonado, Spain. About DocumentsRescue Pro

I tried various other programmes and they only recovered about 100 photos from my CF-card. Then i found PHOTO RESCUE and to my big surprise i got all my 571 photos back which were deleted! PHENOMENAL!
Thommy Bies, Germany. About PhotoRescue Pro

I just want to say THANK YOU for such a great product. I accidentally deleted all my pics from my Minolta Dimage XT SD card, and your application was able to recover them ALL (I'm sure it helped that I didn't overwrite anything). Anyway, these are precious pics of my kids that I can't replace, so all I can say is THANK YOU and that this product is worth every penny!
Gayle Trepanier, UK. About PhotoRescue Pro

What a great program! It succesfully recovered my deleted files and was easy to use. Best of all, you can preview the recovered files before purchasing the software. This way, you only pay if it works for you.
Andy Morris, USA. About EasyPhoto Recovery

Wow guys I tried to download the game "Everquest" like a million times, it didnt work because there was a bad file, but with Anyreader I have to admit it really pulled through and was fully downloaded. Thank you so much!
Daniel Bardier, USA. About

I want to thank you for writing such a useful program. Really, I've downloaded it today together with some other programs like KillCopy, BadCopy, DeadDiskDoctor, CDDVDDiagnostic and so on... But yours one was first to help me in copying an old scratched mp3 disk with minimal losses (and it was fast and informative). Thanks!
Andrew, Ukraine. About AnyReader

I am now well on my way to recovering most of my lost files! I'd like to say that I have tried at least 6 other file recovery programmes and none of them had ANY success! Your programme is fantastic; please give your developers my thanks and compliments for a marvellous piece of software - it is almost miraculous, and by the time I am finished I believe it will have retrieved years of work and personal photographs! Warmest regards
David Smith, England. About PhotoRescue Pro

Wow! AnyReader has saved and restored my old EcoQuest 2 game disks from corrupt resource files! I'm SO happy!! Thank you, I can play my most prized (and rare!) game once again!
Julie, USA. About AnyReader

I just returned from a 6 day trip to Hawaii, that included beautiful sunrises, sunsets, waterfalls, rainforests etc. On our 2nd to last day there, my digital camera had a "memory card error," and I nearly lost my mind. A German man on our hike said to look into photo recovery software. After contacting the manufacturer of the memory card, I was referred to essentialdatatools.com. I paid for the software, did a "deep scan" and recovered all 239 lost/deleted photos and about 8 videos that my camera and computer weren't recognizing. Thank you so much!
Mark McCann, USA. About ObjectRescue Pro

This program rocks!!! I can't say enough good about it! I had to wipe my hard drive clean for an OS install and I made a ~6GB ZIP archive of my documents, pictures, etc. When I tried to retrieve it and unzip it, it came up as corrupted! Needless to say I was not happy. Thousands of irreplacable pictures and hundreds of work documents gone! I looked all over for a zip repair utility but was unwilling to pay the 140 dollars for a professional one. Then I found Object Fix Zip. It saved all of my files and brought me back from the doldrums of file loss. Thank you Object Fix Zip!
Joe, USA. About Object Fix Zip

I reformatted my computer and backed up all my personal files to a zip file, which somehow got corrupted. By using Object Fix Zip and another zip repair program, I was able to get my files back without having to pay for an expensive data recovery program. Thanks!
Jesse Farnham, USA. About Object Fix Zip

You've saved my life!!! I downloaded AnyReader and was able to save all of the data on a CD which was unreadable by either of my 2 computers. As it was a backup copy (the original exploded in my CD drive) I was feeling pretty hopeless. Thanks for a great product.
Gay Kennedy, Canada. About AnyReader

I wanted to thank you for your outstanding software. It just saved me a lot of time. My zip files were corrupted and would not uncompress. The data was good, I could explore the zips and copy my files out manually, but that would have taken ages. (I had over 800 files to retrieve spread over nine zip files) Instead, I just queued them up in Object Fix Zip and let 'er rip! It did all the work for me and freed me up to get other work done! I would recommend your software to anyone!
Anthony Dallas, USA. About Object Fix Zip

Impressive! From a deleted and formatted HD, I rescue 3000 pictures from my first trip to Japan made during this year. After the trip I downloaded all the pictures, a month later, I upgrade my computer and I decide to move and delete the files of this "old" HD to the new machine. THE MACHINE WAS STOLEN! the only value of the machine were the pictures. 5 Minutes ago, using your software with my old HD, they appeared in the screen. THANKS A LOT, and continue developing new product!
Edgar Martinez Requenes, Mexico. About FileRescue

Your software bailed me out of trouble again. It is great to get my 668 pictures back that I had deleted prematurely. Also the speed was very fast. It was amazing to see the results so quickly.

Glen Lush, USA.

About Easy Photo Recovery

Have been trying to create an ISO file with powerISO from a CD and kept getting errors. I found AnyReader, used it to copy files to my hard drive and make the ISO from there and it works perfectly!! Thanks a lot!
Clinton, Australia. About AnyReader

Thank you so much....... It's really a helpful rescue software! I love you guys so much....... You know, someone deleted all my important pictures carelessly, that really hurts me....big shock! Fortunately, my friend who deleted all my pictures sent me this software, and the pictures all come back to me, again!!!
Mooo, China. About EasyPhoto Recovery

I was feeling sick last night when I discovered my CF card had somehow either corrupted or deleted about 60 images! I'm a newspaper publisher so that meant 2 of my stories for this week had no images. Eek. Came to work this morning, found your website and voila; I have them back. Thank you so much.
Sue Collins, USA. About FileRescue

This is the best recovery tool for a reasonable price. You guys came to the rescue of recovering 50 "can't be retaken" photos from an unreadable SD card that was flipped between two different brands of camera. PhotoRescue GUI is well-designed, and the automated batch processing is smart. Very easy to use and effective, the preview functions are cool too. I shared my success of your program with all my buddies and friends all over the world in forums and emails. You guys simply rock.
Alien, USA. About PhotoRescue Pro

Your Anyreader software is very excellent. It had done a great job in backing up my valuable data from cd.
Sasi Kumar, Australia. About AnyReader

Very usable program - I needed to make a copy of CD with wedding ceremony of my friend from unreadable disk. And it was simply amazing! Thanks!
Nazar, Ukraine. About AnyReader

I spent hours trying every free and demo file recovery software applications, and only yours worked for me. For providing such a great service for free, I am going to buy a license to say thank you and so I never have to desperately look for help again. Why would anyone buy software online without knowing it will work first? I hope this review helps.
Colin Lowenberg, USA. About DocumentsRescue Pro

You guys rule! You've saved me a few times now! Software is intuitive and very effective!
Stephen Strutt, USA. About ObjectRescue Pro

You are awesome. I am a school teacher and I had my grades saved on a disk. The disk said that it had an error and it could not be read. I was starting to panic. I used your program and within 10 min. I had my grades. You saved me alot of work. Thanks!
Amy Price, USA. About AnyReader

Whew! Having spent a full day taking pictures I was shocked to see the computer could not find the pictures on the new 1GB media card I had just purchased. After trying a half dozen programs for photo capture I fell back on ObjectRescue Professional. What a relief to see all the pictures come to life. You have a real life saver here. Maybe not a life but a saver of a bunch of pictures that could not have been retaken. Thanks!
Glen Lush, USA. About ObjectRescue Pro

This program is the best I have used in the recovery of documents from memory cards and hard drives and will recommend it to anyone who has had the problem of lost important data. Once again thank you.
Terry Davis, USA. About DocumentsRescue Pro

This was awesome! It also scored some brownie points for me with the misses, and made me look like a really smart guy...Thanks to you we retrieved our entire vacation to Mexico, that was erased by mistake... Love you product, it was worth much more!! Thanks again.
Vaughn Clemmons, USA. About MediaRescue Pro

Your product allowed me to recover more than 60 photo images from an SD Card. The photos were taken at my family reunion and were invaluable to me and my family. The program was easy to use and worked beautifully. Thank you!
Clarens Young, USA. About EasyPhoto Recovery

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I accidently deleted my Thankgiving pictures and was so bummed. I can't tell you how happy my family and I are to have them back! This is an easy to use and cost effective product. Thank you for developing it!
Naomi Perales, USA. About MediaRescue Pro

Thanks for this useful tool. We work with a professional 3D CAD system called 'I-deas' from UGS. Unfortunately this CAS system has no undo function, only the last saved version can be reloaded. With GrandBackup we can now store more than one version and can use them as an undo possibility.
Christoph Mezger, Germany. About GrandBackup

Your recovery software is without a doubt an excellent program. It has saved me some embarrasing moments by recovering photo's from CD's, Compact Flash cards and my hard drive on several occasions. I recently bought a 2gig CFCard and accidently deleted one particular shot which was important. There were only 21 shots on the 2gig disc and it recovered all of them. I highly recommend this product to anyone who uses a computer for photographic images, it's well worth the money.
Clive Carter, Australia. About PhotoRescue Pro

This backup utility is reliable and simple. Anyone can use this program - from the PC novice, to the busy network administrator!
Sheila Braget, USA. About GrandBackup

I was so impressed with ObjectWipe that I am now a registered user. Not something I do often, as in five years online I have only purchased 4 programs after the free trial. Before purchase I tested several 'wipe' tools and there was one that I will not name that caused so many problems that I had to run ScanDisk after cleaning to correct all of the errors that it left.
Marty Boos, UK. About ObjectWipe

The most important feature of ObjectWipe - it leaves the XP System restore points intact, unlike several others that use all of the disk space causing system restore to shut down or just delete all restore point information. ObjectWipe is simple and it does everything that it should very well.
Toby Johnson, USA. About ObjectWipe

Thank you for an amazing software. All my photos from a holiday in Norway was recovered. Thanks again
Leif Limkilde, Denmark. About PhotoRescue Pro

Amazing the speed recovering foto's of a ceremony on the University of my daughter after an unexpected deletion.
Jan van Weert Hengelo, Nederland. About PhotoRescue Pro

My son had taken the photo of a lifetime - a wild killer whale diving less than 2 feet from our sea kayak. Windows couldn't read the SD card and I feared the worst. Easy Photo Recovery saved the day - Thanks your software has contributed to making it the perfect holiday.
Nigel Stephenson, United Kingdom. About EasyPhoto Recovery

It's magic! I thought all my jpg-files (on a smartmedia card) where lost for ever. I'm glad they all are recovered by this fantastic software.
Boukalal Thagna, Morocco. About EasyPhoto Recovery

I just took pictures of an Easter Service. When I went to download them the memory disk gave me a format error. At first I guessed I had lost these precious memories and I remembered a friend telling me of a way to recover lost pictures. I surfed the net and came across PhotoRescue Pro and decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise and gratitude it worked. I have now purchased the product and will no longer fear the dreaded format error!
Anthony Olsovsky, USA. About PhotoRescue Pro

Thank you,
I spent hours looking for a friendly program to recover my photos. Your presentation and the ease of ensuring my photos were there, deserves my hard earned money. Thank the team.
Mark, USA. About PhotoRescue Pro

I downloaded your software and paid for the licence recently. I used it to recover the many photos on a Smartmedia card (which I took with my Olympus camera). I succeeded in recovering all the jpg files! Thank you very much!
Lee Miller, USA. About ObjectRescue Pro

My data has been recovered and is backed up, hopefully preventing this from happenning again... I must thank all your software engineers!
Thomas Lech, Canada. About FileRescue

Your product has saved my life and our business. I sucessfully recovered audio tracks used by our music production company. It was more than worth the money and I will always recommend your product to others.
Ron Walve, USA. About MediaRescue Pro

Thank you for great software! There was no easier way to salvage photos of my childrens holidays I thought were lost forever! Also, I am very impressed with the customer service I received from your company. Thank you!
David Stone, UK. About EasyPhoto Recovery

Thank you! Customer service help was darn close to instantaneous. And I recover ALL my holidays photos! Thanks again for everything!
Steve Brain, USA. About EasyPhoto Recovery


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