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Object FIX ZIP has been reviewed and approved by Softforall editors with a reward of 5 stars.


Object Fix Zip v.1.0 has been released. FREEWARE!


Object Rescue welcomes all its existing clients to visit their personal Customer Service account.


For customers convenience we decide to reduce our ObjectRescue products family. Now AudioRescue Pro and VideoRescue Pro is a part of MediaRescue Pro suite. The DocumentsRescue Pro absorbs the ArchiveRescue Pro product.


Digial MediaRescue Professional get 5 star rating by


OnlimeMedia with famous SmartBackup software now is a part of Object Rescue software company. Object Rescue continuing development of this great backup product and will take a new breath to SmartBackup by redesigning its user interface and by adding new features.


Digital PhotoRescue Professional 2.7 was reviewed by and recieve "Editor`s Choice"!


ObjectWipe v.1.1 get 5 stars rating by


FilRescue Professional has received a 4 star rating at Free Trial Downloads!


Digial MediaRescue Professional get 5 star rating by Programjunction.

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