AnyReader Changes History

AnyReader v. 3.9 2011-12-24
+ General optimization of the program

AnyReader v. 3.8 2011-08-24
+ New program activation system
+ New language added: Turkish

AnyReader v. 3.7 2011-04-27
- Minor corrections and bug fixes

AnyReader v. 3.6 2011-04-11
- Fixed bugs with Win7

AnyReader v. 3.5 2010-12-07
- Fixed Win7 copy algorithm
- Minor corrections and bug fixes

AnyReader v. 3.4 2010-07-30
+ Added user notification if new program release is available

AnyReader v. 3.3 2010-06-12
+ new feature: audio CD ripping

AnyReader v. 3.2 2010-04-27
+ New languages added: Kazakh, Bulgarian
- Minor corrections and bug fixes

AnyReader v. 3.1 2010-03-29
+ Audio CD ripping implemented
+ ISO disk imaging enhanced
+ Improved program interface and graphics

AnyReader v. 3.0 2009-05-07
+ Redesigned for the modern .NET platform
+ Improved program interface and graphics
+ Better Unicode support

AnyReader v. 2.6 2008-02-05
+ System standby is disabled while the program is running (except Win95, Win98, WinMe)
+ File copying algorithm further improved
– Fixed an intermittent error reported by users of some builds of Windows
– Fixed a bug in the algorithm related to reading a damaged sector
– Fixed a bug in the algorithm related to writing a damaged sector to a file

AnyReader v. 2.5 2007-11-22
+ Disk imaging introduced
+ Original date/time of source files is now preserved during copying
+ Some language files added/updated
- Minor algorithm corrections
- Another registry processing error fixed which could impede memory-related operations

AnyReader v. 2.4 2007-09-17
+ File size calculation algorithm has been revised
+ Double-layered DVDs and BluRay disks can now be copied

AnyReader v. 2.3.2 2007-08-10
+ New languages added (Farsi, Hebrew, Brasilian)
- Fixed an algorithm error in creating the file list prior to Step 4
- Fixed a Windows Explorer context menu error
- Fixed a bug in command-line functionality
- A few minor Unicode-related fixes

AnyReader v. 2.3 2007-06-07
+ Main window can now be resized
+ Main window size and position are saved
+ File list column width is saved
+ Fast Copy option introduced, badly damaged DVDs can now be copied several times faster
+ New languages added (Korean, Danish, Chinese Traditional) and some updated (English, French, Russian, Chinese Simplified)
- Error-free loading implemented by using appropriate defaults where necessary

AnyReader v. 2.2 2007-04-25
+ Rewritten code dealing with Windows registry operations to fix sundry errors on program startup
+ Unicode support implemented for filenames and GUI captions
+ National flags are displayed in language selection
+ New languages added (Belarusian, Greek, Dutch, Ukrainian)
- Minor algorithm fixes to increase stability

AnyReader v. 2.1 2007-01-22
+ Degree of damage to media dialog added to streamline the copying routine
+ Swedish language added
- More file properties are shown when selecting files for copying (type, size, last modified)
- Two algorithm-related bugs fixed

AnyReader v. 2.0 2006-12-18
+ A tree-like visualization of the copying routine has been implemented, enabling the user to view any error reports, as well as additional information, by expanding a file's branch
- Fixed a bug that interfered with saving the log file
- A few algorithm errors corrected
- Fixed a major error in resuming the copying of a file off a damaged medium
- Fixed an error in handling different Windows date/time formats
- Fixed an error in calculating the percentage of data copied from damaged media and over a network

AnyReader v. 1.9 2006-10-30
+ Files with bad sectors can be renamed as [!_filename]
+ The log is now much more detailed and stored in the program folder
+ New languages added (Polish, Indonesian), Bulgarian language updated

AnyReader v. 1.8 2006-09-18
+ Windows Explorer's context menu integration (optional), enabled by default on the first run
+ Option to ignore file/folder icons implemented, to speed things up for badly damaged disks (requires the program to be restarted)
+ New interface languages: Albanian, Bulgarian, Spanish
- A few misprints and grammar mistakes corrected

AnyReader v. 1.7 2006-07-26
+ Files in the queue are now color-marked depending on status
+ New interface languages: German, French, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Serbian
- Fixed a bug that prevented more than 1700 files to be handled in one go

AnyReader v. 1.6 2006-06-26
+ Added support for very large files (> 2 GB)
+ '% completed' is now shown on the taskbar
+ Some new icons in the GUI
- Fixed startup error under Windows 2003 Server

AnyReader v. 1.5 2006-05-04
+ Updated Help and documentation
+ New interface languages: Russian, Czech
- Minor corrections and bug fixes

AnyReader v. 1.4 2006-03-30
+ Now you can create a folder when selecting the destination
- Minor corrections and bug fixes

AnyReader v. 1.3 2006-03-14
+ Updated Help
- Minor corrections and bug fixes

AnyReader v. 1.2 2006-03-06
+ Copying from CD and DVD disks implemented
+ Extended statistics during file processing
- Minor corrections and fixes

AnyReader v. 1.1 2006-02-16
- Fixed a bug causing LAN copying to stop on disconnection

AnyReader v. 1.0 2006-01-10
+ First release

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