FileRescue Professional Changes History

FileRescue Professional v. 4.5 2012-03-11
+ Added automatic bug reporting on exceptions
- Bugfix: Fixed bug resulting in duplicate drives display

FileRescue Professional v. 4.4 2011-09-02
+ If a full scan process was cancelled by pressing a Stop button, you can still view and recover already found files
- Fixed bug with displaying of drives list

FileRescue Professional v. 4.3 2011-06-29
+ New program activation system
- Fixed bug with recovery on some FAT32 drives

FileRescue Professional v. 4.2 2011-04-22
+ Help file (F1) launch implemented
+ Arabic and Russian interface languages added
+ Interface translation enabled

FileRescue Professional v. 4.0 2011-03-01
+ Absolutely new accurate recovery algorithm written on .NET
+ Scanning of the hidden discs, including the ones not provided with the disc's letter by the system
+ Preview of the files (pictures, documents, etc.)
+ Review of the disc and files in HEX-viewing program
+ Viewing map of the drive during full (sector-wise) scan
+ Support of more than 3000 types of files while full disc analysis
+ File grouping by the type, date of creation\ accessing\ modifying
+ Saving and loading of the sector-wise discs' images for deffered recovery
+ Correct handling of discs containing bad sectors
+ File statystics after disk analysis
+ Filtering of the searched files
+ Hiding of the empty folders
+ Fast and easy search by files

FileRescue Professional v. 3.0 2009-12-10
+ Windows Seven support implemented
+ Recovery engine further enhanced
+ Updated help file
FileRescue Professional v. 2.9 2008-03-11
+ Making and processing of disk images introduced. A memory card's data can now be saved as an image for deferred analysis and recovery, the card itself thus available for reuse
+ New feature "Try to Open" with on-the-fly file recovery which is transparent to the user

FileRescue Professional v. 2.8 2007-08-15
+ Recovery engine functionality improved
+ Streamlined cluster-wise searching for lost disks and partitions
+ If a known file format has been recognized during sector-by-sector scanning, the file's icon in the list is now distinguished with a checkmark inside a green circle

FileRescue Professional v. 2.7 2007-05-02
+ Vista support implemented
+ Recovery engine further enhanced
+ Updated help file

FileRescue Professional v. 2.6 2006-12-26
+ File type signature detection wizard added
+ File size modification dialog added
+ New file formats added:
SIS - Symbian OS Installer File
DjVu - Image compression by AT&T
MAX - 3d Studio Max Model
DXF - AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format
URL - Internet Shortcut File
CAL - MS Calendar
CRD - Microsoft Cardfile
ISO - ISO-9660 CD Disc Image
PBF - Microsoft PocketPC Backup
OAB - Outlook Adress Book
PSW - Microsoft PocketPC Word
MNY - Microsoft Money Data
JBC - Best Crypt Disk Image
PGD - PGP Disc Image

FileRescue Professional v. 2.5 2006-09-06
+ Recovery engine further enhanced
+ Recycle Bin is now displayed as an additional folder
+ New single-window interface with new graphics + New format SIS [SymbianOS Installer File]
+ New format ISO [ISO-9660 CD Disc Image]
+ New format DWG [AutoCAD Drawing]
+ New format DXF [AutoCAD]
+ New format URL [Internet shortcut file]
+ New format DjVu [DjVu is an image compression technology developed at AT&T]
+ New format CAL [MS Calendar]
+ New format CRD [Microsoft Cardfile]
- A few misprints corrected

FileRescue Professional v. 2.1 2006-06-23
+ Recovery engine functionality improved
+ Sector-by-sector disk scanning added to look for identifiable file types
+ Quite a few more file formats can now be detected
+ Single-click preview added (registered version only)
- Several bugs fixed

FileRescue Professional v. 2.0 2006-04-01
+ Completely rewritten recovery engine and program interface
+ The "single operation" interface implemented - select drive and see the files availabe for recovery

FileRescue Professional v. 1.4 2005-02-15
- Fixed bug on FAT drives with recovery of small files

FileRescue Professional v. 1.3 2005-01-03
- Fixed bug with disk scanning on some drives

FileRescue Professional v. 1.1 2004-11-28
+ Enchanced recovery of the very large files

FileRescue Professional v. 1.0 2004-11-20
+ First release

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