PhotoRescue Pro Changes History

PhotoRescue Pro v. 6.5 2012-03-12
+ Added automatic bug reporting on exceptions
- Bugfix: Fixed bug resulting in duplicate drives display

PhotoRescue Pro v. 6.4 2012-02-14
+ Global code optimization
- Bugfix: full NTFS drive scan does not display existing files on map
- Bugfix: Fixed parent windows
- Rewritten class working with program settings

PhotoRescue Pro v. 6.3 2011-11-10
+ Progress is shown on opening very big folders
- Fixed a bug: no known file types on first program launch

PhotoRescue Pro v. 6.2 2011-09-01
+ If a full scan process was cancelled by pressing a Stop button, you can still view and recover already found files

PhotoRescue Pro v. 6.1 2011-06-29
+ New program activation system
- Fixed bug with recovery on some FAT32 drives

PhotoRescue Pro v. 6.0 2011-06-06
+ Absolutely new accurate recovery algorithm written on .NET
+ Scanning of the hidden discs, including the ones not provided with the disc's letter by the system
+ Preview of the files (pictures, documents, etc.)
+ Viewing map of the drive during full (sector-wise) scan
+ Support of more than 3000 types of files while full disc analysis
+ File grouping by the type, date of creation\ accessing\ modifying
+ Loading of the sector-wise discs' images for deffered recovery
+ Correct handling of discs containing bad sectors
+ Filtering of the searched files
+ Hiding of the empty folders
+ Fast and easy search by files

PhotoRescue Pro v. 5.5 2009-08-12
- Fixed a bug that caused the program to fail at a second drive scan

PhotoRescue Pro v. 5.1 2008-07-08
+ Recovery of new file formats added
+ New language files (Arabic, Catalan, Chinese Traditional, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian)

PhotoRescue Pro v. 5.0 2008-03-03
+ Thoroughly rewritten new version
+ Making and processing of disk images introduced. A memory card's data can now be saved as an image for deferred analysis and recovery, the card itself thus available for reuse
+ New feature "Try to Open" with on-the-fly file recovery which is transparent to the user
+ New option of saving the program's log to a file
+ Scanning speed further increased
‚Äď Temporary limitation: previous versions' language files no longer work. (Note to translators: this is your chance to earn a license!)

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.5.2 2007-10-19
+ Updated English and added Catalan language
- Minor bugs fixed

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.5.1 2007-08-07
+ Updated Arabic, Chinese Traditional and Polish language files

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.5 2007-07-09
+ "Try to open" function added for registered users for opening files in their associated applications
+ Wizard no longer allows to change settings with scanning in progress
+ Preview module is now translatable into other languages

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.4.3 2007-05-15
+ Help file updatedM
+ New languages added (Danish, Korean), Arabic language updated

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.4.2 2007-03-14
+ Now files recovered with original date where possible
+ New language files (Belarusian, Chinese Traditional)

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.4.1 2007-01-12
+ Vista support implemented (administrative rights request added)
+ Added dialog if program is started without administrator privileges

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.3 2006-09-19
+ New file formats added:
NEF - Nikon Electronic Format. Raster image from a Nikon digital camera
ORF - Olympus Raw Format. Raster image from an Olympus digital camera
PEF - Pentax Electronic Format. Raster image from a Pentax camera
RAF - RAW Fuji. Raster image from a Fuji digital camera
SRF - Sony RAW File. Raster image from a Sony digital camera
- A step in the recovery routine clarified
- Minor bugs fixed

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.2 2006-08-09
+ New language files (Czech, Italian)
+ Improved JPEG detection algorithm

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.1 2006-06-16
+ Engine functionality improved
+ Added DRW (AutoCAD Drawing Database), MRW (Minolta RAW), CRW (Canon RAW), and DCR (Kodak RAW) file format recovery
- Fixed a bug that caused recovered files to be of zero-length

PhotoRescue Pro v. 4.0 2006-04-19
+ Key files now stored in Windows registry
+ Date/Time file filters implemented
+ New language files (Turkish, Bulgarian)

PhotoRescue Pro v. 3.6 2006-01-12
+ New language files (Arabic, Chinese, Polski)

PhotoRescue Pro v. 3.5 2005-12-02
+ Improved auto-naming for recovered files
+ Improved recovery algoritm for AVI files
+ Recovery of new file formats added
+ Drive list auto-update on device insert/remove
+ New language files (German, French)

PhotoRescue Pro v. 3.0 2005-06-23
+ New recovery algoritm with file system and drive sectors/clusters scanning
+ Now recover deleted files of any type!
+ Optionally recover folder structure
+ Now you can preview files before recovery and select files that you need
+ Faster drive sectors scan - only free sectors can be scanned to speed up your search!
+ Allows you to recover deleted and lost files and additionally recover existing corrupted files
+ Recovery of new file formats added
+ New file filters to narrow your file search
+ Preview Words, Excel, PowerPoint documents before actual file recovery
+ New interface with manual and automatic recovery functions
+ Added preview of image files (JPEG, BMP, GIF, ICO, WMF, EMF)
+ Added text/hex preview of files
- CD/DVD disks temporarily are not supported
- Language files from 2.x versions are not supported

PhotoRescue Pro v. 2.7 2005-02-11
+ French language added
- Fixed bug appearing when 'Not ready' drive selected

PhotoRescue Pro v. 2.6 2005-01-31
+ Added MP4 (MPEG-4 video), XIF (Xerox Image) and DSS (Digital Speech Standard) recovery
+ Now recovery starting automatically

PhotoRescue Pro v. 2.5 2004-12-23
+ Free 10 files recovery in Trial mode
+ Added preview of recoverable files as text
+ Help file updated

PhotoRescue Pro v. 2.0 2004-10-14
+ Multilanguage interface implemented
+ Improved file recovery algorithm
+ Interface improvements

PhotoRescue Pro v. 1.6 2004-09-28
+ Fixed MS Office document files recognition (DOC, XLS, PPT, etc.)

PhotoRescue Pro v. 1.5 2004-06-30
+ Added support for recovery from CD/DVD drives

PhotoRescue Pro v. 1.4 2004-05-31
+ Improved file recovery engine
+ Some interface improvements

PhotoRescue Pro v. 1.3 2004-05-11
+ Added JPEG and BMP preview in trial

PhotoRescue Pro v. 1.2 2004-04-26
+ Improved file recovery engine
+ Faster file management

PhotoRescue Pro v. 1.1 2004-03-31
+ New interface
+ You can set drive access retry count for physical corrupted media

PhotoRescue Pro v. 1.0 2004-02-15
+ First release

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